Maurice and Mina

Maurice’s adorable warm brown tabby markings compliment his mellow and fun loving personality. This soon to be large boy is 9 months old and loves to play! He is always devising games for himself and getting his sister and brother involved. And he has been very sweet and welcoming with cats outside his family. Also dislikes the vacuum, but mellow about most things. His cutest trait is that when happy or excited his tail comes all the way forward over his back like a lemur. This sweet guy would love to be placed with his sister and playmate, Mina.

Mina is a small sized cat, 9 months old and black with a few white tummy spots. This loving and playful girl will be your number one cuddle buddy. She loves to be held and petted, playing with toys and with her brothers, and is especially fond of treats. Vacuum cleaners and closed doors are her enemies. Her cutest moments are running to the door meowing greetings and requesting belly rubs when her favorite people return. She would love to be placed with her brother, play pal and cuddle buddy Maurice.

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