January 11, 2024 mccadmin 0

Louie is an 8 month old tabby. With a confident swagger, and an easy going personality, Louie is the most outgoing and funniest of the […]


January 11, 2024 mccadmin 0

Dewey is an 8 month old tabby kitten, with a calm personality and very soft fur. He relies heavily on watching other cats to know […]


January 11, 2024 mccadmin 0

Say hello to Huey! This 8 month old tabby is equal parts playful and loving. His fur is very soft, and his purr is loud. […]


January 10, 2024 mccadmin 0

Colin is a very sweet, playful, and has the softest fur. He is one giant floof ball with an even pouffier long haired tail! When […]


January 10, 2024 mccadmin 0

Sweet Pistachio, a 9 month old kitten, is best described as Lara Croft or Xena Warrior Princess: equal parts adventurer – playful and loving – […]


December 22, 2023 mccadmin 0

This super friendly, big boy loves people and other cats, and desperately needs a foster or permanent home ASAP. Fred is very mellow, gentle and […]


December 19, 2023 mccadmin 0

Darby is an incredibly sweet, handsome 6 month old Abyssinian mix who, like his sister Darcy, was sadly found late at night on a busy […]


December 19, 2023 mccadmin 0

What a darling sweetheart Darcy is! It is hard to believe this little gem was found on a busy street late at night. She is […]


October 12, 2023 mccadmin 0

This handsome 1 year Maine Coon mix will endear you with his sweet ways. He will nuzzle you with gentle affection and enjoys pets in […]


September 9, 2023 mccadmin 0

This friendly, affectionate 6 mo. old lap kitten is a prize – so sweet, calm and gentle. She follows you for attention and enjoys pets […]