August 26, 2019 mccadmin 0

Athena is such a wonderful beautiful cat! She is affectionate…likes to sit by your side and be petted…and so sweet and well-mannered. She is quite […]


August 8, 2019 mccadmin 0

Starlight is a wonderful mix of playful, occasionally chatty, and sometimes shy. She loves being scratched under the chin, behind her ears, and is a […]


July 1, 2019 mccadmin 0

Patrick is a handsome young cat that wants to be your friend and companion. This handsome tuxedo boy is approx 1 year old. He is […]


June 26, 2019 mccadmin 0

Delia is a very lovely gentle cat hoping to find a calm, caring and loving home. She was left behind with her kittens (who have […]


May 29, 2019 mccadmin 0

Cloud was living with a feral colony for years in Richmond. He was friendly but would spook if someone tried to pick him up.┬áHe was […]