January 11, 2024 mccadmin 0

Louie is an 8 month old tabby. With a confident swagger, and an easy going personality, Louie is the most outgoing and funniest of the […]


January 11, 2024 mccadmin 0

Say hello to Huey! This 8 month old tabby is equal parts playful and loving. His fur is very soft, and his purr is loud. […]


September 9, 2023 mccadmin 0

This friendly, affectionate 6 mo. old lap kitten is a prize – so sweet, calm and gentle. She follows you for attention and enjoys pets […]


June 8, 2023 mccadmin 0

This large, sweet and shy boy loves attention and pets but starts out reserved about asking for them. Mouse is 9 months old and pure […]

Maurice and Mina

June 8, 2023 mccadmin 0

Maurice’s adorable warm brown tabby markings compliment his mellow and fun loving personality. This soon to be large boy is 9 months old and loves […]


June 3, 2023 mccadmin 0

Alissa is a very sweet cat, who is gentle and loves your attention. She is sad since her four kittens have found homes and she […]


August 4, 2022 mccadmin 0

Whiskers has the most gorgeous, long white whiskers and has wonderful eye contact. This little girl is an absolute delight, and truly an exceptional “people […]