July 3, 2022 mccadmin 0

Hopie is about the sweetest and softest kitty you will ever meet! She is very friendly, affectionate and the ultimate lap cat. Hopie is a […]


June 30, 2022 mccadmin 0

Are you looking for a low-maintenance sweetheart? Or a second cat who will get along with your existing feline? Look no further! Olivia would be […]


June 27, 2022 mccadmin 0

Mitzi is a sweet and playful girl who loves to be petted. She is about a year old, and has had a few tough breaks […]


June 27, 2022 mccadmin 0

Luna is super sweet and affectionate with her volunteer friends at Milo. She has a gorgeous black coat and large inquisitive eyes. Luna will blossom […]


June 27, 2022 mccadmin 0

Hunter is like the Wizard of Oz’s cowardly lion. He’s got courage but doesn’t know it quite yet, and he needs a special family who […]


May 22, 2022 mccadmin 0

Giselle is a lovely and affectionate one year old tortoise-shell with big round eyes. She will stretch up on her long legs to be petted […]


May 22, 2022 mccadmin 0

Gino is a young, one year old, lovable and huggable cat. He is such a sweet, affectionate and amiable boy! And is quite handsome with […]


April 24, 2022 mccadmin 0

Figgy is an adorable, sweet, affectionate and very friendly kitty. She has a beautiful, soft, buff-colored coat. A youthful 14 years young, she loves to […]


April 24, 2022 mccadmin 0

Looking for a New Best Friend!   Rumi has been a wonderful companion to his human, but sadly, she passed away recently and he was […]


April 9, 2022 mccadmin 0

Whiskey looks like he walked out of a comic strip with his long whiskers, huge eyes and fluffy tail. This long-haired tabby is 4-5 years […]