Silver is a handsome Russian Blue neutered male who lived outdoors with his mate for many years. Sadly, she has disappeared, and his outdoor home in a commercial area is no longer a viable place for him. Now indoors, he is being socialized, but he may remain largely feral. I am seeking a home for him in a safe indoor/outdoor (enclosure preferred) environment, ideally with a feline companion. He can live with more than one cat. Silver is smart, very observant and very communicative – he is vocal and will meow to one’s call or when he is lonely. He loves his cat bed and to roll in catnip. He is quite comfortable using a litter box and enjoys being pet with a wand toy. To learn more about Silver, and if you have experience with feral cats and have a place in your heart for a cat that really needs a home, please contact Marcia at 510-734-9924 or