Raina, Queen of the Lounge, is adorable, with cute little tuffs of white on her throat and tummy. She is playful with any cat she meets or can entertain herself with just about any toy she can find. Her activities include sunbathing on the window ledge, or watching the world from her cat tree. This black panther Queen is eager to grace you with her presence, as she loves to be with her foster parents. At bedtime, Raina will snuggle around your body, keeping you warm and safe. Her purrs will help drift you off to sleep! Raina will do well in a home where her new parent(s) work from home or are retired, as she enjoys being in the “room where it happens”. She was raised in a foster home with older cats, younger cats, dogs, and kids.

To adopt Raina send us an email at esvhadopt@gmail.com for an application.