Mickey and Reggie

Mickey is the ultimate love bug, who prefers spending his nap time as close to his humans as possible, purring and snuggling. He‘s playful and energetic, favoring toys like curly coils and mouse toys on a string. Mickey hasn’t figured out how to meow just yet and makes an adorable sound when he’s ready for breakfast. Mickey helps his foster mom with whatever she is doing: computer work, making the bed or folding laundry. He’s quite helpful!

Reggie loves to snuggle up close to his humans and loves to watch TV with his foster dad. Reggie is playful, silly and has a spectacular purr that he isn’t shy about showing off.  Reggie shows his foster parents that he’s ready to snuggle by walking up and falling over into their laps quite dramatically. He loves to be pet and has silky soft fur.

Mickey and Reggie are a bonded pair and spend much of their time sleeping curled up with one another and they wish to remain together.