Desperate Situation: Foster or Forever Home Needed!

Marilyn first came to Milo as a beautiful starlet, just waiting for her opportunity to shine and show her stuff. She loved playing, sleeping on your chest and sunbathing on her cat tree. She was adopted…and things went south. We will never know the exact circumstances of what happened, but she was returned to Milo with a broken spirit, totally depressed. Marilyn needs a kind person who understands that this kitty needs to build her trust in people again: someone who will go slowly at first, and once she feels she can relax again, she’ll respond warmly. For now, she needs a very gentle touch and affection that is not demanding. To her, this is simply respectful etiquette. A foster home—away from barking dogs—would be a first step on her road to blossom and shine once again.

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