Hunter has been super sweet with our own cat, Buddha. They play, nap, and groom each other. Hunter is shy with humans, but is learning to trust us by observing Buddha. He’s 98% there: he interacts with our daily routine, sits on the sofa, harasses you in bed in the AM, plays with toys, and happily takes chicken or treats from your hand. He’s just not quite ready for pets yet, but he’s about to turn a corner on that soon.

Hunter would do best in a quiet home with another cat. He’s great with the litter box, scratch post and he’s excellent at catching flies. He’s also good with our small dog. It’s been so rewarding to see Hunter’s progress and we look forward to placing him in his forever home where he can continue to flourish into the beautiful healthy and confident kitty he is destined to be.

If you are looking for a sweet guy to be best buds with your kitty, Hunter is the one!

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