Hunter is like the Wizard of Oz’s cowardly lion. He’s got courage but doesn’t know it quite yet, and he needs a special family who can help him come into his own. He’s a sweet kitty who loves to play and snuggle with his foster brother. Hunter is smart and observes surroundings; he’s learned trust by watching his foster brother interact with the family. He uses the litter box and scratch post perfectly. Hunter has come a long way in a short time. Just two months ago, he was hiding under the bed. Now, he’s out and about in the apartment. He will sit on the couch and lay on the bed but he’s not quite ready for human touch. This will take a bit more time as he continues to learn and grow. It’s been an honor to help Hunter with his transition and he will make a great addition to a quiet household with an- other kitty. We are confident he will come out of his shell in his forever home that will provide him safety, patience and love.