Fluffy is pretty shy and may hide for a bit when she first gets into a new home. She was living in a parking lot for over a year before someone could gain enough trust to get her into a carrier and take her to a vet. At her foster home, she always lets her foster mom pet her, but took a few weeks before she could be picked up. From the very beginning, though, it was obvious she loved being petted and brushed. She rolls and purrs and kneads the air like crazy when petted! After a couple months, she is now cuddling on the bed. She still doesn’t like loud noises, as she was pretty traumatized by being dumped in a parking lot. This girl deserves a loving, patient forever home. At approx. 6 years old, Fluffy seems to be fine with other well-behaved cats, but kids and dogs might be too much for her.