Button & Silver

Button & Silver (aka Captain & Skipper) are two sweet, shy homeless cats in need of a foster or adoptive home with an experienced cat owner who is willing to work on socializing them. They are completely bonded and need to stay together. They greet their caregivers side by side, with their tails entwined.  Button is somewhat social with her caregivers. She meows and allows some petting. Silver, a handsome Russian Blue is very shy but gentle. They need at least a foster placement now because of upcoming construction and a dangerous road they sometimes cross. Button & Silver have potential and I am happy to provide support.  A safe backyard situation would be ideal after an adjustment period.  Both are fixed and seem quite healthy. If you are interested, I would get a current vet checkup. Thanks for considering helping to create a safer future for these two beautiful, sweet cats.

Please text or call Marcia at 510-734-9924 or email at mslack199@gmail.com