Ruby and Padme

Padme and Ruby were adopted as kittens, and have grown up together in a loving, safe environment. Their owner suffered a medical trauma and is unable to come home or take care of them. Ruby and Padme need a new home now! These two sweet cats are friendly, playful, and affectionate. They are eager for a new home together and plenty of loving attention. They answer to their names when called, and like to be close by. They enjoy being brushed and petted, and they show their affection with lots of purring, friendly nudges, and cuddle up close or settle in nearby in a favorite space. Ruby is quiet and watchful, taking charge of the two. Padme is talkative and the first with greetings, likes to climb, and is more of a curious explorer. They like playing with cat toys and games, and using scratching posts. The girls also have very good litter box habits.  Call Roselen, 415 450-7767, or Marin Cat Connection, 415-381-1440.