Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury is an 8-month old kitten. While she likes to be “in charge” of her brother, Jupiter, she’s happy to let her foster mom set the rules in exchange for pets and snuggles. Mercury is the perfect balance of calm and energy: at times she’s very friendly, purring contentedly when you hold her; later, she’s a blur, chasing or wrestling with Jupiter. Her favorite toys are crinkle balls, feathers, or empty toilet paper rolls. She also enjoys tossing furry mice and springs, chasing after them. When she’s done playing, she’ll look out the window at the birds and butterflies. Mercury would love to be part of your home, where she can receive lots of attention, and perch upon her cat tree. She is strongly bonded with Jupiter, and they should be adopted together. She would do well in a home with other cats, older children and even dogs, as long as her big brother Jupiter will be with her. Is your home purr-fect for that wonderful pair of kittens?

Jupiter, the Gentle Giant, is an 8-month-old tabby. He has incredibly long whiskers and a very cute nose. His medium-short fur is very soft. His soulful eyes trustingly ask, “Will you be my human?” How can you not fall in love! He’s very friendly and gentle with humans, and easily befriends other cats. When meeting you, Jupiter will want you to play or snuggle. He loves to lie on your chest, giving kisses, and rewarding you with loud purrs. This boy is the most out-the- gate affectionate kitten. His purr machine starts up and won’t shut off without giving you snuggles in exchange for cuddles. Jupiter is a mellow lap kitty, adapting easily to new environments and people, making him the purr-fect pet for any household. He’s bonded to his baby sister, Mercury, and they should be adopted together. They’re really fun to watch as they play, chasing balls, feathers, and each other, and will do well with kids, cats, and even dogs. Is your home the purr-fect fit?

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