Gino & Gianna

Gianna and Gino are an adorable and delightful 1 year old brother and sister pair who are quite bonded and wish to be adopted together. They were found hungry and scared, crossing a busy street together. It has been a joy to see them prosper and thrive and their personalities emerge. Both are shorthaired classic tabbies with beautiful bold markings and glossy coats.

They love to play with toys as well as with each other and can be quite silly. (They especially love the wand toy and go crazy for it!) Both are very sweet, gentle and kind, with good appetites and love treats. They love to cuddle together so much so that the two look like one! Gino is the braver and has a sunny amiable personality, is very affectionate, with an easy purr. He adores and takes care of his sister. Gianna is becoming more confident every day. She is truly lovely and, once she trusts you, will stretch out and enjoy pets and give you eye kisses. Both are very sociable with other cats and especially love playing.

Gino and Gianna are hoping to find a calm and secure home that will give them the patience, love and understanding to help them continue to blossom.