Max is very interested in people and quick to make friends with you. He is affectionate and is always up for playtime and often leaps before he looks.
He starts purring as soon as he is petted. He is very curious and likes to explore everything – cabinets or any space where he can’t turn around. He loves chasing and rough housing with his brother, Simon, and sister, Audrey, and can get a bit feisty but is usually very gentle. Max doesn’t bite or use his claws and he does use the upright scratching post. It would be best if he could be adopted with his sister Audrey.

He has been neutered, tested, vaccinated and microchipped.  Adoption fee.

Are you or someone you know his forever person for his forever home?

Marin Cat Connection — Please visit Max at Petco, Montecito Center, San Rafael 11am – 4 pm Saturdays.

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